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General Information

Never taken your Land Rover off road? This is the ideal opportunity to build confidence and gain familiarity with your vehicle. There will be plenty of guided trips marshaled by experienced off-roaders who drive the same vehicles as yourselves, and will guide you through the tricky bits.

Things you should know:

Online Registration

You can pre-register for the Safari and pay using PayPal (you do not have to have a PayPal account OR create a PayPal account - you can also pay via credit card) or send us a personal check.  While pre-registering, select the items that you want and check-out.

We hope you'll pre-register as it will ensure that you will get a t-shirt (if you order one) and meal (if you order one) and it is also cheaper then registering on site.  It also helps us out tremendously since we can organize everything before the event. 

Trail Passes

Every vehicle that goes out on the forest trails needs a pass (if you do not plan on trail riding with your vehicle, you do not need a pass).  We don't include them with registration because some people like to buy the annual passes and it keeps the registration costs down.  You must purchase trail passes if you are going out on the trails (it is quite a hefty fine to not have one)!

Daily passes are $5, or get a great start on a whole season at Uwharrie with a $30 annual pass (prices subject to change by the forest service - these were last years prices) - buy your pass where you'll be buying gas, ice, biscuits, and everything else - the Eldorado Outpost (now located just across the street).


Camping will be located at the Uwharrie Outdoor Events Center (this is a change from hosting it at the Badin Lake Group Campground).  The Uwharrie Outdoor Events Center is located right across the street from the Eldorado Outpost.  We welcome all types of camping from tents to RV's.  The site will have porta-potties available by camping area and also porta-potties / showers located by the barn.  A map with locations will be provided. 

When setting up camp, please be mindful of where your park your vehicles since there will be a lot of people coming to the event and camping space can get sparse.

Agreement of Risk

Every participant will need to fill out an Agreement of Risk.  When you pick up your packet or paying for the event at the Registration Tent, please remember to fill one of these out.  Each form must list ALL drivers and passengers in the vehicle.


We will once again be creating a Uwharrie Safari t-shirt for the event but remember, ONLY those who pre-register will be guaranteed a shirt.  We do not want to end up with a large supply of extra t-shirts that we cannot sell.  Therefore we only order the exact number of t-shirts for those who pre-register.  There will a VERY limited supply of extra t-shirts at the event so if you want to be guaranteed a t-shirt, pre-register (we run out of extra t-shirts within a few hours of registration).

Saturday Dinner

We will once again be hosting the Saturday night dinner.  Due to cost, we will only be ordering enough meals for those that have pre-registered (plus a few extra).  Again, ONLY those who pre-register will be guaranteed a meal.  You will be issued a meal ticket in your registration packet.


Firewood will be available at camp.  The firewood will be located next to the registration tent.  Just take what you need from the big pile.  There is no cost for the wood for event participants but donations are appreciated.  Feel free to bring your own wood as well.

Raffle Tickets

We will again be selling raffle tickets.  This year, the tickets will be $1 each.  Tickets will go on sale Saturday afternoon around the camp.  We will be walking around the campground selling tickets.  Tickets will also be sold during dinner and just before the raffle begins.

Trail Rides

Included with your registration are 4 guided trail rides.  2 rides on Friday and 2 rides on Saturday.  The forest 4WD trails are open 24 hrs a day.  Feel free to trail ride day or night.  Just be sure you have a valid trail pass for the day (or evening).

Event Guidelines

Every event has to have a few guidelines, here are ours.

  1. Quiet Hours - Quiet hours are from 10pm to 7am. Group camping is a highly social event, but not everyone is a night owl. That said, smart campers know to always bring their earplugs for an uninterrupted nights sleep!  We try to enforce this rule but every year we get a complaint.  Please bear in mind that many of these folks only get to see each other one time a year and sitting around the campfire, they tend to get a bit loud.  If there is a problem, just come find one of the organizers and we will quiet them down.  FYI - earplugs can be quite helpful.

  2. Alcohol - Our campground is NO LONGER in a dry county and not within the confines for the Forest Service.  The consumption of alcohol is prohibited by the Forest Service while on Forest Service land.

  3. Children Welcome - Future Rover drivers are always welcome.  We're a family friendly event with special events and activities just for future Rover drivers.

  4. Pets Welcome - Your well-behaved / socialized pet is welcome at the group campsite and out on the trails but MUST be kept on a leash. Also, you will need to clean up after your pet.  Remember that there will be children and unfamiliar noises and sounds - if your pet gets stressed by these things, you may increase its enjoyment and yours by not having it along.

  5. Drinking and Driving - The Forest Service can and will stop you on the trails, even at night. Please don't ruin your weekend and ours by getting a DUI on the trails. Club officers will also be watching for drunk drivers and if caught you will be asked to leave the event immediately.

  6. Speed Limits - All the forest roads have marked speed limits.  If you drive fast, you may get a ticket.

  7. Trail Passes - Don't forget to buy your trail pass for your vehicle before you take it out on the OHV trails.  The fine for not having a trail pass is very hefty.  Spend the $5/day - it is much cheaper.  These can be purchased at the Eldorado Outpost.

  8. Garbage Removal - Please clean up your area when you leave.  A group our size can quickly trash if we do not pick up.  There will be a large trash container where all waste can be tossed.

  9. Agreement of Risk - This form must be signed by all drivers.  All passengers must be on the form as well.

There, that wasn't so bad, was it?