Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions about the Uwharrie Safari event.  If your specific question is not addressed, please feel free to Contact Us.

What do I do when I first arrive?

This is a good question and can be a daunting task if you have never been to an event like this.

First thing to do is stop at the registration tent.  The tent is open for limited hours (the organizers like to have fun as well!).  You should be able to ask all your questions there.

If the tent is closed, the next step is to find a camping spot.  You can camp almost anywhere.  Maps will be provided with suggested locations.  If the registration tent is closed, ask folks that are already camping.  Most folks are more than happy to help out.  Do not be afraid to camp close to others.  We understand that many people feel that they might be infringing upon someone elses turf but for an event of this size, you have to pack in tight.  Most folks are happy to make room.

Some times there may be vehicles parked in the way for camping.  Feel free to ask someone to move their truck if needed.  You can also ask one of the event organizers to help you find a camp site.  We are more than willing to help.

Once you find a camp site, setup camp.  Once settled in, mingle with your neighbors.  Do not be shy about marching into a camp and asking questions or going out for a ride.  Folks are always ready to go out driving - that is one purpose for this event.  The trick is to go out and meet other Land Rover enthusiasts.  There is always more room for someone at the campfire.

We do understand being a first timer at the event (all of us were a first timer at one point), it may seem a bit awkward to just walk up to some ones camp and introduce yourself but that is how it is done.  We are all at the event for the same reason, look at other Land Rovers, drive the trails, and camaraderie with fellow enthusiasts.

Where do I go for the guided trail rides?

All the guided trail rides start at camp by the registration tent / the large canopy and sometimes they muster across the street in the parking lot at the Eldorado Outpost.  Just drive your vehicle over to that general area before the time of the ride.  We will make it well known that we are about to leave.  From camp, we will drive to the trail head and make a last minute walk-by of the vehicles, let you know the CB or FRS channel, and answer any last minute questions.

If you happen to just miss the trail ride leaving, go to the registration tent and we may be able to tell you where they are going and/or contact them via CB.

Where is the Saturday night dinner held?

When you enter the events center, you will notice a rather large canopy.  All the cooking is done by this tent and the Saturday night dinner will spread out on tables here as well.  Just grab a plate, a napkin, silverware, a drink, and fill your plate up.  Make sure you bring a chair as well so you can sit down and enjoy the raffle which begins right after dinner.  If it rains, you will be under the tent.  Make sure that you bring your meal ticket!

You can purchase raffle tickets Saturday afternoon after 3pm (ok, if we are not really busy at the registration tent, you can pick them up there as well).  Just look for the guy with the roll of tickets.  We will be wandering around camp and around the canopy as well during dinner.

Are dogs allowed?

Yes, but they must be on a leash at all times. You cannot leave a dog unattended unless you have a camper where it can be contained (leashing it to a tree at your camp is not acceptable).  If this does happen, we may ask you to leave the group camp.  This is a safety issue plain and simple.

We have had some problems the last couple of events where dogs are either running free or leashed to a truck, etc.  If you see a dog running loose or tied up unattended, just find a staff member and we will take care of it.

If the problems persists, we may have to ban all animals at this event.  Abiding by this rule is up to the participants to enforce.  Most of us have dogs and want to continue to bring them.

Can I bring alcohol?

Yes.  Be aware that alcohol is NOT permitted on any National Forest land.

Do I need a CB radio?

It is not required but is nice to have.  All trail leaders have CB radios.  Some may also have FRS radios.  Before we start a guided trail ride, we will make sure that those vehicles that do not have either device are placed in between folks that do so nobody gets lost or left behind.

Do extra passengers have to pay/register?

No!  The club event charges by the vehicle.  Each vehicle must register for the event.

We do not charge for extra passengers but still require that the person be on the Agreement of Risk.  So bring all your friends and pack them in.

How do I purchase a Saturday night dinner?

If you pre-registered, you will be guaranteed the number of meals that you have ordered.  We understand that things may change and you might need to add an extra dinner for your group.  We always order a few extra meals for cases like this and also for drops-ins.  Please note that most extra dinner tickets are gone before we close the registration tent down on Friday night.

If you want to order an extra meal, go to the registration tent to see if any are still available (or see one of the event organizers).

Please understand that for an event like this, we have to let the vendor know how many meals to prepare.  We would love to be able to offer an unlimited number of meals for the event but that is just not possible.

How can I purchase an extra shirt?

If you pre-registered, you will be guaranteed the t-shirts that you have ordered. We understand that things may change and you might need to purchase an extra t-short.  We always order a few extra t-shirts for cases like this and also for drops-ins but they are extremely limited in number and in size.  Please note that most extra t-shirts are gone before we close the registration tent down on Friday night.

If you want to order an extra t-shirt, go to the registration tent to see if any are still available (or see one of the event organizers).

Please understand that for an event like this, we have to pre-order the number of t-shirts to guarantee their arrival for the event.  T-shirts are expensive and do not want to have any left over.  We would love to be able to offer an unlimited number of t-shirts for the event but that is just not possible.

How do I get to the event?

Here are directions to both the Uwharrie Outdoor Events Center and also the Eldorado Outpost.  Most folks stop at the Outpost when arriving to pick up needed supplies and also the mandatory trail passes.  They also sell maps to the area.  If you make it to the outpost, just look across the street for events center.

I have not pre-registered, what can I do?

Just show up for the event.  We welcome drop-in registrations at the event.  Just go to the registration tent and you will be able to register.

Please remember that by NOT pre-registering, the cost will be more and we cannot guarantee you a t-shirt or a meal Saturday night since extras are in very limited supply.

I want to just participate for the day, what can I do?

Just go to the registration tent and they will be able to take care of you.  Let them know that you only want to participate for the day.

Is there anything I need to drive on the trails?

First and foremost you must have a valid trail pass.  The fines for not having one are very expensive.  These can be purchased at the Eldorado Outpost for around $5.00.  If you do not know where that is, just ask any event organizer or at the registration tent.  Most folks who have been to Uwharrie before will also be able to give you directions.  The Outpost is a very common destination for the forest.

Secondly, a good attitude.  We are out to have fun, help learn about off-roading, and general camaraderie.

What are the hours for the park?

Actually there are not any hours.  The trails are open 24x7 but you MUST have a trail pass.  If you are leaving are coming back from a night ride, please try to be mindful of the folks sleeping.

What is the raffle?

For every Safari ,we ask companies to sponsor the event by supplying us with items to be given away at our raffle (which is held immediately after dinner).  We sell tickets for $1 each and you can purchase as many tickets as you want.

After dinner on Saturday night, we will draw tickets for all the swag we have gotten from vendors.  The merchandise will be on display under the big canopy beginning Saturday afternoon.  Feel free to look around to see if there is anything that may interest you.

The proceeds from this raffle are used to donate to our charity and keep supporting the event.

I want to buy raffle tickets, where can I get them?

The raffle tickets go on sale Saturday afternoon.  We will be wandering around camp asking if you would like to purchase them.  They will also be on sale during dinner and before the raffle.  You should not have any trouble getting as many tickets as you want.  It will be very obvious when we are selling them.

If for any reason you cannot find them, just ask any event organizer.

Where are the bathrooms?

Porta potties will be available in the camping areas.  Showers and porta potties will also be available by the barn.

Since there can be a large number of folks at the camp, you can also use the bath house at the Arrowhead Campground (about 4 miles away) but will be assessed a $3 charge.  This bath house is much larger.

Where can I get supplies and ice?

The best place is the Eldorado Outpost.  It is located across the street.  You will be given maps of the entire park with all the roads and trails.  They have most everything that you need EXCEPT alcohol.

Where can I pickup my registration packet?

There will be a registration tent at the event.  Just drop by.  The hours are limited but will be open all of Friday afternoon until about 6pm and also all day Saturday starting at 8am.

If you have pre-registered, all you need to do is sign the Agreement of Risk, pick up your packet, and get your meal tickets and/or t-shirts.  If you have not pre-registered, you will need to do the same except also pay the fees.  If you want to join the club, we will have membership forms that you can fill out as well.